Describe a Twin Flame Love

What is a Twin Flame?
Description of Twin Flame

****When you have opened your heart to the energy of your Twin Flame, you feel a Love like no other you have ever experienced.

****There is a familiarity and a knowingness that is absolutely undeniable. He or she is the perfect mirror of you!

****You experience that “in Love” feeling all the time, and waves of ecstasy and bliss pour through you.

****Your heart pours Love to your Twin, and giving to your Twin becomes the most important thing in your life.

Things you need to know about Twin Flames

God is looking for those who have always felt their Twin Flame in their heart.
Those who are dedicated to bring this world back to Love

If you are reading this, God is calling you. God asks you to say “Yes!” to connecting with your Twin Flame in consciousness, through your heart and, if this be your desire — to finding the perfect reflection of your Twin Flame here on Earth now. You may also draw your Twin Flame through the person you are with, and using the Love you make together be a conduit for God to free the frozen hearts of humanity.

Therefore, this is not about bodies and personalities. It is, instead, about hearts. It is about choosing the heart so clearly and consistently together that Love becomes who you are. You come to know the great Twin Flame heart you are, available for God to pour Love through to the world. This may occur with someone who has joined this site or it may occur in some other way in your life.

God is calling Twin Flame couples together to use their shared hearts to return the world to Love in many exciting ways. Is this you? Are you ready to dedicate your heart, your life and everything you are to Love? Please read on and discover God’s amazing plan, patterned by those who have already said “Yes!” to Love. These people have come together first in heart and consciousness, and then in the physical.

Twin Flames embody the energies of Creation, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

A Twin Flame couple is a cell in God’s heart.

The shared Twin Flame or SoulMate heart is an opening to deliver God’s Love to all of Creation.

God’s Love comes to us every Now Moment in pulsations which sustain all of life.

Reunited Twin Flame couples feel those pulsations as ecstasy together.

Twin Flame couples not only deliver God’s Love but generate new Love to add to God’s Love.

The fiery molten Love shared by Twin Flames can actually melt the frozen hearts of humanity and help God return them to Love.

When you come together with your Twin Flame in consciousness, even before any kind of meeting where the Twin is reflected to you in the physical, you begin creating a shared SoulMate heart.

This Twin Flame heart is a powerful tool for bringing the world back to Love. Anything or anyone placed in the Twin Flame heart is brought right to God, and thus returned to Love.

God asks you to commit to coming together in consciousness to build this Twin Flame heart together, before coming together in the physical.

This creates a firm foundation of Love for the relationship on the spiritual level.